Wednesday, March 25, 2009

some news

sorry for the huge wait, but the DEMO!... will be released in the following week if octohunter (the person who programmed the upgrades) gives me the codes for them in that time frame. in other news, I have been touching up on the story and really thinking about it, things will now change like karikardas will be like Bryyo in a way from metroid prime 3, having a reddish sky with clouds while raining, the ionic-X cluster isn't fully wild anymore, karikardas is at the very edge of federation controlled galaxy so karikardas will be having a little bit of federation activity... but not too much. sadane on the other hand is under space pirate control and the federation won't go on that planet because it is unstable and could meltdown at anytime. Tirane12 will not have any GF but there will be this one meet-up with a spacepirate leader whom holds some of samus's old weapons like power bombs (explained in game) there will also be a space pirate ship that gets around much like samus does in her own ship. darudane I am still thinking about, though I have an idea about it, but I won't share it =) and Xion I haven gotten to. oh! I just remembered you guys haven't seen beta xion:

yeah, everything that you guys have seen (besides actual in-game stuff) is beta. now, demo stuffs... well no boss, I decided to save that, though the boss room will still be there. I tried to add some enemies, but they glitched up the game, so I am still working on them (getting closer to fixing them though so that's basically the update today =) now, post your ideas.


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