Monday, January 26, 2009

looong times...

sorry for all the long times in between post... I am just working on so many things; school, spriting for different projects, shopping frenzy's, taking care of my cat, etc... but anyways, the demo has been moved up and I have a good idea for it. It will take place in just some rocky caverns, you will begin in your morphball state and you will realize you cannot get out. you only have bombs when you begin. the main thing of the game is that samus has been jammed in her morphball state, and at the end of the demo there will be an item that will unjam her. there will be some new items and some familiar items for the morphball, I'll make a list:
bomb- samus's default morphball weapon. can be used to propel her into the air and break morphball bomb blocks.
springball- allows samus to jump in morphball form.
powerbomb- a much more powerful version of the bomb, which circled a big area and destroys power bomb blocks.
missilebomb- a bomb that will roll across the ground or air in whichever direction you choose and will blow up when it comes in contact with a solid object or enemy.
wallball- a special upgrade that allows you to walljump. use the same method as if you were wall jumping in biped form. it will skid across the wall before jumping.
boostball- allows the morphball to move faster and can also be used to ram enemies. use it to also destroy boost ball blocks.
repair cell- this is the item you gain for killing the boss (not telling who or what it is heh) repairs the suit so that you can get unjamed and an indication to the end of the game.
I'll tell ya all that it will be a puzzle boss though... you will have to use most of your arsenal to beat it. I might make a way that you will use your fixed suit to get to your ship and then end the game... but who knows :/

any suggestions? comments? then post them! I have not started this demo yet, I will be working on it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or so. it will be fully decorated and take place in the fusion suit showing it will be the first official demo, so uhh yeah... as for the real project... I am still working with the maps which I won't show you (don't want to ruin it) and I am working on on sprites for the boss of the ice place which is hard as heck and working on the sprites for Octohunter's FSMR (I am the official spriter... it's quite awesome, you should take a look) so uhh... yeah... I will be posting some screen shots when I have at least 30% of the awesomeness worked on. so I will have an update a lot more sooner than usually, sorry if it was taking too long, but be patient... this game is still in development and is relatively new.

EDIT: I know what everyone wants; screen shots. here is me testing out side scrolling, and this is what type of caves it will take place in:


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