Saturday, February 14, 2009

demo update and game update

I have an update for both the demo, and the actual game. the demo:
well, a friend I was helping out with sprites for his project (FSMR) is helping me out with programming. he's got bombs and missile bombs implanted, boostball is in development, so stay tuned for that, I have been working on the overall area, the whole area has been implanted, and is mostly decorated, I have added the ship which is the same fusion ship from the mockups, but I have changed it to make it float like super metroids or metroid 2's (so no leg-things). and I have been working with samus a bit.
game progress:
I lost the original file *sniffle sniffle* but it wasn't as great as the demo's anyways, so I made a new one, starting with the B.S.L frigate. I also am working on karikardas too. not much implanted yet cuz I lost the original, but don't worry, It'll catch up fast.
expect screenies soon!
EDIT: I am showing some new screenshots of the demo, showing more of the area, the ship, and stuff like that. the whole level area layout is done! now I need to code a few enemies, a boss (which will be pretty difficult) and add the items and sticky ball, power bomb, and fix the wallball abilities.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

here comes the demo!

the demo is coming along faster than I expected. I am very fast at tile decorating so that may be it
:/ but anyways here are some official screen shots of the demo! it is still a WIP, and the setting has changed. you will still be in caves, but it will be on a side of a mountain and on the other side it will be night (as promised) and the boss will be an official boss in the actual game, the boss of tirane 12 (planet of ice) and it will be a puzzle guardian which it won't in the final version. rundas45, candy man criminal, Halloween cloud, and zurginator will be making this boss (I alone could not sprite it, thats how difficult it is to make it.) now, the thing that everyone likes to see... real screenshots, not mockups, not beta, but actual screenshots of parts of the actual demo (samus is the only thing beta though =P I need to change her to fusion suit still.)

the first image is the room you start in (you can recognize these rooms in the last screenshot)
the second is me wallballing off the wall, the third shows a morphball pipe, fourth is a chozo statue, fith is another pipe with some different looking caves below, sixth is the different caves, seventh is another chozo statue and me wallballing again, and last is how a fully charged boostball will look like and the fences that can only be destroyed by missile bombs. now post away! anything need changing? comments? a suggestion? then like I said, post away!
also, credit will now be given (cuz I have officially decided to use those area tiles) tango311 for all the tiles, miles07 for the chozo statue, and octohunter for the boostball.
EDIT: I missed someone... and ronny14 for the walljumping function.


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