Tuesday, April 7, 2009


are you all ready? then click this link!
it is V.1.0 of the demo! if you have not read this but played the game... none of you will get it. there is no point in the game as of now, it is just scenery. think about that for a second... if this is v.1.0... then there has to be a next version! and in that next version if there are upgrades... if you explore the area now, you will practically know where most upgrades and pick-ups are. this demo is the "universal" demo of M5f, meaning it will keep on overlapping the next in future update, like samus stacking beams. I also included a nice surprise, showing recolored suits (the pallet is better!) and not to make it too boring from the next, there may be extra challenges, or an added level. unfortunately, this did not get as far as I wanted it to. there were going to be enemies, but they slowed down the game in most places (some areas are still pretty laggy) Items were going to be in it... but I don't know how to properly code upgrades just yet (still learning) so in the next demo, hopefully these will be there. right now it's 5:25 AM, so I spent a lot of time actually preparing this (though, it doesn't seem like it) I am sorry it did not come out as much as all you out there were probably anticipating, but I feel I was holding it back too much AND there is a lot of problems with it (it still works though... you won't notice them) PROGRESS ON GAME project "scan" is now being introduced to M5F community (won't reveal). the starting point of the game has changed. instead of the B.S.L transportation vessel it is now a dense, foggy jungle... then the vessel. it is undecided if actual Metroids will be in the game yet... and a number of other things that still need reasonable answers. oh! and for those who do not understand why samus can only stay in her morphball form in the demo, she is jammed in that form. there should be an upgrade later that can unjam her. it takes place on the side of a mountain.
hope you have fun! and if you find any glitches not found in the "read me" please post them up. I am determined to fix them.

EDIT: read the "read me" that comes with the demo before you post anything.


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