Thursday, August 27, 2009

some more results

AlexR has finally posted a debug engine on the official forums and it's looking great! All that has been added is morphball, springball, running, standing, and jumping (the sprites for jumping has not been put in yet though) this also includes transitioning sprites as well. the only problems with it is the running is a bit weird, but this can be easily fixed.
I have gotten to work on a new tile set for the area in the beginning which now has a name; SR388, section CH020. It isn't a huge area, but there are different looking places in this place and that includes: the main area, the chozo ruins area, and the sewer-like area. the save machine-thing will sort of be the same as the one in Metroid 2: Return Of Samus, they will almost look the same too. these save devices only appear in the beginning though, and will be replaced by different looking ones after section CH020. and yes, the save machine sprite has been completed. Section CH020's tilesets, background, and map combined is about 45% complete... The tileset separate is about 40%, map is 100%, and the backgrounds are about 20%. (don't ask me where I came up with the overall percentage... I just made something up real quick. if you want an accurate suggestion, use a calculator or something.) once I have all that stuff out of the way, we can test it but that won't be the end of it... then there is the matter of working on the cutscenes and stuff. Ronny14 is head of that area, so he will be working on those. but still, that is not the end of it as we are in need of pixelart of section CH020 for the cutscene as well. I mostly work on small things, not huge pixel art, so I won't be able to do it unfortunately. so section CH020 will be made probably last if we do not find a pixel artist of sorts beforehand. so this is just a heads up that we are a bit active again.

EDIT: we are also in need of composers, so if any composers are willing to help out then your welcomed in!
anyways, the reason I added this edit was because there is a new engine, it is better than before but the speed and gravity are off still... don't worry, they will be fixed.
I have decided that the sewers area is not going to be on section CH020 sadly, but there will be another sewers area if you don't remember... the boorango sewers on planet xion will still be there.
I have just about finished some tiles for section CH020 and I'll hint something... they look very similar if not almost exactly like atbigelow's MTR (Metroid Two Remake), here is a video of his chozo ruins:
the only similarities to his is: doors (if he allows me to do so) pallet, and the tileset. this doesn't include the cool columns with the chozo holding on to them, the plants, and the save station.


Monday, August 17, 2009

better and better...

editing the story once more, what do you guys think?

Original story: samus goes to the GF vessel and meets up with the GF guy (whom I have named "commander hardy." btw she has not had a mission since B.S.L, almost a year.) Hardy wants samus to investigate strange dimensional occurrences in the ionic-X galaxy (name still in work) and returns her varia suit and morphball for this exploration. she gets sent to the galaxy and there is the beginning of it.

the new plan for the story is a bit different, this time the GF are not as nice about the destruction of B.S.L, and are watching her every move.

Samus is being watched constantly through a system in her visor that the GF installed after they took all of her abilities. they took every piece of equipment off samus except for her suit, power grip, and power beam, adding a type of camera in her visor so they could "monitor" what she was doing and where she was and stuff (with the suit on. they also left her_her hunter gunship and Adam too). samus had to agree to let the federation take her abilities otherwise she will be marked a criminal and wanted all over the place, constantly being hunted by the federation and space pirates alike. same results if she gets the "camera" system out of her visor. commander hardy requests that samus goes to a chunk of planet SR388 (while acting a bit... different, making samus suspicious) which survived somehow and investigate the area to make sure nothing is left and destroy it. she finds two chozo statues which are required to move ahead: Morphball and varia suit while fighting a number of new and old enemies. she reaches a room with a timer in it, it was meant to blow up this area of SR388 (still planning this out) and somehow on the way back to her ship the camera turns off right after she does this, marking her as a criminal. commander hardy contacts her while samus is in the ship, telling her and asking her stuff. samus says she was unaware that the camera was disabled, and he, hardy himself, put her on this mission. Hardy denies this, saying he has not made contact with her for about a year. she destroyed the last part of SR388 and the last inhabitants, they were part of a secret field test and asks how samus finds it. hardy closes the conversation, with an odd message: "run! the Galactic federation are coming after you! get out before they capture you!" this leaves samus puzzled as "hardy" puts a location on her map that is not in GF controlled galaxy. the ionic-x galaxy. the last of SR388 is destroyed so she goes to the ionic-x galaxy to escape and thats where the beginning part of it ends.

so, I think the newer one is better. what do you guys think? there is plenty of room to make it a WHOLE lot better. and we need to fix the name of the galaxy... the "ionic-x" galaxy to something a bit more... better. AlexR is being lazy so nothing much on the engine yet (when the time comes, I am sure he will get to work on it.) and this "other hardy" is a surprise, no one could possibly guess who it is. Tirane 12 will now be a bit bigger, this time having a overworld and inner core area. Darudane also has a new area as well, an abandon ship (much like wrecked ship) added because I describe darudane as a sort of ship graveyard area. the last battle of ridley has been changed to make it more epic and challenging, certainly it will be liked.
now, if AlexR can get started (which he has but isnt working on it much) I can show some of the new things and stuff. we are also making some custom planets for the planet selection screen, the old ones were placeholders and the new one will look a lot better. an old foe will also be added, some more bosses are being worked on (concept and ideas) and such. though I dont have much to show, these are all just ideas and stuff still under development. it seems sometimes its a good thing when an engine isnt being worked on much. AlexR will be working on samus and her upgrade workings, doors, subscreen, injury from enemies, minimap, map, ship, and stuff like that. after he is done programming that, we can truly get started. be expecting it soon!


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