Tuesday, November 25, 2008


okay, now... this is the last planet, but not the last area (the B.S.L ship is the last) and it's the ruins of the great isane race. not much has been done, I have been tinkering around fixing glitches a little bit... and I am working on making one of the custom bosses. *SPOILER ALERT!!!* read this only if you want to know something about the space pirates.
Ridley is back again as the space pirate leader, he will make his appearance first on sadane, the pirates fortress, being injured from samus flees the battle, sets meltdown on fortress, and sends space pirates to attack samus's ship. he will returned almost healed on tirane 12, when samus has to find an energy cell for her ship (which was damaged by the space pirates). ridley returns taking the energy cell and you have to do a ground battle with him (too tired to move wings). flees again after that battle. then makes his last and final stand at Xion, killing the suspicious federation troopers stationed there. he finally dies there by samus of course.
I am opening a new blog also, another project I am working on... zelda related. so If you like zelda... you'll like this! -quick edit here, if you were expecting a picture of Xion... It isn't uploading for some reason... isn't really a big file either, so I'll add it later when my computer isn't so screwy =P


Friday, November 21, 2008

some excess stuff

here is darudane, I tried to upload a big map of the galaxy, but it didn't work :( . I am a beginner programmer (first time using game maker) so far I can jump in morphball form, and move around. I am currently trying to add spider ball into GM, I'll update on game maker stuffs later. also, the thermal visor is going to be different from super metroid's X-ray scope, it fills the whole screen, and samus can move around. there are also 3 more areas I have not mentioned, sub-areas. 2 for karikardas, 1 for Xion. there is also a sub-area in between the 2 sub-areas in karikardas. I have screenies for them, I'll post em later though. the two sub-areas for karikardas are: Aki, and marrhai. the shortcut area in between is the middle passage, the one on xion is the boorango sewers... dark and creepy too. here is the thermal visor colors example:


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am just going to add the story, but not the whole thing. so, here it goes...
Samus owed the federation much. after the destruction of B.S.L and her defiance against the federation, she owed a lot. so the federation took all of her abilities away so they can research it and regain what was lost. it was months till the next mission came in. the federation wanted her to come to HQ for a special meeting. samus did as she was told, she went to the navigation room while samus and the federation guy from fusion talked. he had a special mission in hand in a far unknown galaxy... only known as the Ionic-x galaxy (no, It has nothing to do with the X). which consisted of 4 planets and one moon. karikardas, the moon (car-e-car-daz) sadane, planet of flame (saw-daw-neigh) tirane 12, planet of ice (tear-a-neigh-12) darudane, the titan desert planet (daw-rue-daw-neigh) and xion, the ruines. samus was then given back her varia suit and morphball ability to better prepare her, she was then sent to moon karikardas to investigate trans-dimentional activity. and that Is all I'll tell. in other news (good news) my game maker works and I have been testing and such. screenie is at the top of this post.


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