Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sorry for the hold-up

finally have a very good engine thanks to programmer AlexR, expect to be seeing something soon. on the bright side... I have a demo, a demo that isn't M5F, but instead for a project called FSMR (First Super Metroid Remake) that I have helped worked on since it's early days, and it is also an example of the new demo because AlexR also programed that engine: ... leid=71732
I am sure you guys will recognize the room.
1: turns on or off spazer
2: turns on or off ice
3: turns on or off wave
4: turns on or off plasma
5: turns on or off charge
SHIFT: Enables use of missiles, super missiles, and power bombs (at the moment)
Z: Jump
X: Shoot/ drop bombs
C: Aim diagonal up
V: Aim diagonal down
ENTER: subscreen
Down Arrow Key: in morphball, press down to enter Spider Ball
Charge multi ball: when your beam is charged, go into morphball to drop multiple bombs.

and I thinks thats all =D also, DON'T GO NEAR DOORS! the reason is; if you go through it, you will fall out of the screen because doors have not yet been programed. those are there for a placeholder.
right now I am planning an proper intro scene and finishing up the story. any questions about the new engine post them here.


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