Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a name? and NCFC 2009.

M5F still needs a name, Me and my friends have been planning it out but nothing really works, so now I have to turn to you guys. I have a newer updated demo in the works now with a team, also, people who are good with cut scenes (yay!) I will put the demo all the way up to the first boss, and some new tiles are being worked on for Karikardas, and the B.S.L frigate. the demo wont hold the intro though, you start game play immediately. Now... we have decided the official colors of the game for the screw attack item behind the title (like how metroid fusion is purple, metroid prime is red, etc...) it will be yellow with a tint of green in it, so we have that covered, just not the name. If anyone can give a great name, credit will be given of course and we will have a screenshot of something up soon.

EDIT: Next demo has been announced! and boy, you guys wont want to miss it. The NCFC is coming up this fall and I really want to enter M5F for it, so with AlexR's programming help, I think this fangame will be taken to the next level. I really want this fangame to look its best and spiffiest for the NCFC so dont worry, it will be and we will make sure of that. The demo will be played up untill you get to the room where the first boss is even, you all are going to love it... it will even feature some custom enemies and such too.

EDIT: Some themes of the game, that means the name should center around most of these:
Mystery, scheme, allies, voluminous, surprise, unexpected, plot, darkness, and chain.


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